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This is an exciting moment in our history. Boomer Buddies Rescue is now partnering with the Ecoflix Foundation!

As a result, we now have a worldwide platform to showcase our work and to help educate
people about the serious plight of so many endangered animal species. Second, Ecoflix
offers us a remarkable and unique opportunity to raise the funds needed to carry out our
many missions and programs.

Specifically, Ecoflix was founded to help support their partner NGOs, like us. It
produces and presents nothing but inspiring, uplifting videos about animals and the
planet, with no commercials of any kind. Plus, it offers its annual subscriptions for only
$3.99 a month, which are not just tax deductible in the U.S. and qualified for Gift Aid in
the U.K.. But, most exciting for us, when our supporters subscribe for a year and select
us as their chosen NGO, Ecoflix will donate 100% of your subscription dollars to our
ongoing cause!

This means that if only 1,000 of you join Ecoflix, selecting us as their chosen NGO, we
will receive a check for almost $50,000.00. Donations of that size are very hard to secure
and extremely important to us! With that kind of financial support, we will have much
greater ability to do what is necessary to save the many animals who need our help.
So, I urgently request your assistance, by spending $3.99 a month (less than a cup of
coffee) and in return you will receive a year of Ecoflix, which provides amazing and
beautiful programming about animals and the planet from around the world. Ecoflix is
also free to schools, offering an entire series of shows to educate and inspire our

So, please, join Ecoflix today and help support us, by simply clicking on this link:

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