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So who is Boomer? Boomer is our inspiration for the rescue. His story begins in a shelter in Florida, where our founder Jessica Davis found him after he had been in there for four long years. He was constantly passed over by potential adopters due to the behavior he was demonstrating in the shelter. After having been in a cage for so long, Boomer was suffering from kennel crazy. He was acting aggressively towards strangers, constantly spinning in circles, and barking loudly, but little did anyone know that he was just scared and frustrated. He was desperately crying for attention and just an ounce of love. Jessica saw this and knew that he couldn't spend one more day in the shelter. So she flew out to Florida from California to adopt him, and since then Boomer has come a long way! He has proven to be a loving boy who is a complete joy and a perfect addition to Jessica's family. With foster kittens and dogs endlessly in and out of Jessica's home, Boomer has shown just how loving he can be. He welcomes each and every new rescue with open paws! Hence, Boomer's Buddies! Boomer and Jessica go on countless adventures to make up for the long time Boomer was in the shelter. Boomer is the true meaning of shelter animals just needing a chance to prove how amazing and loyal they can be!

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