SUCCess Stories

Since Boomer's Buddies was founded in 2017, we have saved the lives of hundreds of animals. Here are a few of their transformations!

queenie .jpg
Queenie 2.jpg


We pulled Queenie from the Baldwin Park Animal shelter where she was red-listed for having mange... the contagious kind! She was only 6 weeks old and had a full life ahead of her. After about 6 weeks of treatment in our care, she recovered and now lives a beautiful life! 


We rescued Grace from East Valley animal shelter where she was red-listed for her multiple medical issues. She had a dead-eye that needed to be removed along with having a complete mammary chain mastectomy due to cancer in her mammary glands. After her operations, she made a full recovery and is cancer-free! 

Grace .jpg
Grace doggie 2.jpg


We rescued Willy from the shelter as a medical case. He suffering from a severe case of ringworm and also needed his eye removed. After 2 months in our care, Willy made a full recovery and was put up for adoption. He is now living a life of comfort and adventures with his family and his sibling kitty! 


We received a call about a kitten dragging its body across a dirt parking lot. It turns out Lucy was missing half a leg due to some sort of injury. We kept her in our care until she was old enough to have the rest of the leg amputated. She eventually made a full recovery and is a happy, healthy, and spunky gal!  

Joey on The dodo

We are so excited that one of our rescues was featured on The Dodo,
not once, but twice!

Joey is a two-legged cat who came to us with mange. When we saw the clip of Joey in the shelter, we knew we had to go save him. He was fostered, and eventually adopted by one of our board of directors!
Watch his transformation story below :)